Just for you!

I haven’t begun creating teasers for Lance’s book yet but I will share a small excerpt with ya’ll. I have a title in mind for the book…going along with the fighter theme, the book will most likely be HOOKed. Without further ado, here’s your excerpt (Remember this is subject to change!):

“The warm air hits me in the face almost sucking the breath from my body. Garrett gets down from his truck and just grins at me as he makes his way towards Raegan. “You almost choked tonight man. You had me worried.”

“Yeah, you aren’t the only one.” I mutter.

His arm snakes around Raegan’s waist as he pulls her in for a kiss. Love, who the fuck needs it? Obviously they do but me, I’m good.

“You’re a damn joke in the ring.” I hear a voice behind me gloating. My vision turns red and I don’t have to even face him to know who it is.

“Shut the fuck up Travis,” Garrett says right after he gives Raegan a look telling her to get in the truck. With her being pregnant, her safety is top priority.

“I see you’re finally keeping your bitch in check, Johnson.” Raegan’s head spins around and she glares at him. Garrett gives her a stern look and she huffs and puffs as she gets in the truck and slams the door behind her.

“Don’t you have something better to do than run your mouth Travis? Didn’t you learn the other day?” I say stepping closer to him.

His fists ball up against his side and the vein in his neck expands. “I have a real problem with you asshole. You don’t know how to stay away do you? It just kills you to know she was screaming my name last night, doesn’t it?”

His smirk says it all. He’s pushing my buttons and he’s doing it well. He reaches over and pushes my chest back to make matters worse and I ball my fist up and attempt to swing at his face. Garrett grabs ahold of my arm trying to stop me from making a big mistake but right now, I don’t give a shit. I don’t give a shit about anything anymore.

“He wants you pissed Lance. Just walk away, let it go man.” Garrett says trying to talk some sense into me.”


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